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Tait Frances

Logo Design | Business Card Design

Tait Frances is a Sydney based film maker who specialises in modern horror films.

Her logo was inspired by black and white ink drawings fused with pop art and stencil work. I set out to capture the substance of Tait’s film style as well as her own personal style, as this is how she wanted to be perceived by the public and the type of work that she wanted to attract.

The twinkling sky was added to soften the logo and create an atmosphere for her brand. I wanted to emphasis the fact that Tait’s story telling begins when she touches pen to paper, therefore I chose a mono font; viewing a typewriters letters through a modern lens.

Screenshot 2018-01-04 23.40.51.png
Screenshot 2018-01-04 23.41.05.png
Screenshot 2018-01-04 23.42.31.png
Screenshot 2018-01-04 23.42.20.png