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Brand Identity | Packaging | Branded Collateral | Website Design | Apparel Design



Brand Identity | Packaging | Branded Collateral | Website Design | Apparel Design

Saint Hemp has been my biggest design project to date. I’ve had the pleasure of discovering the brands identity, designing the packaging, a tri-suit and apparel, print collateral, digital collateral (including their website), social media and so much more!

Besides being lucky enough to work with the awesome founders, I’ve also had the opportunity to watch this brand grow from just an idea, through to the manufacturing stage and finally the delivery of an incredible product.

Saint Hemp is about educating people on what they’re putting into their bodies. Their products are for the Yogis, Gym Junkies, Nanna’s, Parents, Children and average Joe’s. Their message is clear; there are no hidden nasties. So I’ve crafted a brand to encompass this message.

“If you don't recognise what you read on the back of a packet, you probably shouldn't be eating it. We (SAINT HEMP) don't add any chemicals for that very reason.”

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“I engaged Hannah right at the outset when our business was merely a name and an idea for a product. We worked directly with Hannah to build our entire brand identity. Literally everything you see with the words 'Saint Hemp' on it has been finely crafted by her.

Hannah is a talented designer who delivers work of real quality. Her ideation process has great depth and she presents her concepts with an impressive level of thought and articulacy. Hannah is always responsive to feedback, never misses deadlines and communicates progress well throughout.

I am grateful to be working with Hannah and hope the collaboration between us continues as our business grows long into the future.”

David McLean | Founder & CEO | Saint Hemp